Friday, April 17, 2009

My ideal Super Bowl halftime show would include Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert
have you seen this kid.. he's the best thing thats happend to american idol since .... ever.

Trent Reznor
because two hot men with guy liner are better than one.

David Bowie..
Now that would be a Power House performance!

Isn't everyone afraid of Nuclear war?

I've had this fear since i've been old enough to understand that we are vulnerable every second of every day to an Nuclear war. The though of this is very frighting. However, I am not so consumed by the thought of it that it interferes with my daily life.

My first job: Hollywood Video

I was 15, and i was the girl that got to put all your movies back on the shelves in alphabetic order. i worked there for 6 months, and then ended up getting a job at Petsmart as a dog washer, and was soon promoted to a full service groomer. Worked there for the next three years. I then switched companies to a competitor. I groomed dogs full time for the next year and a half at Petco.

Please get Slap my Bit@h up out of my head

What three songs do you wish you could erase from your memory? Mine are...

When the rescue ship comes, I'll tell 'em: I'm fine, thanks

I have always been the type of girl that dreamed of me and my family sailing away to an uncharted island, and living happily ever after. I love Nature, seclusion, meditating to the sound of the ocean, and the thought of the challenge of living off the land always has intrigued me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

First rule of relationships: Always be honest

Always be honest
Telling each other the truth is key to surviving, Lies only breed trust issues in a relationship.

Dont forget to Communicate
Tell each other anything, no matter how uncomfortable. weather it be about money, Sex (especially sex), Needs, or even just communicating about everyday stuff when there's no "issues" to be discussed.

Be best friends
There is no relationship if you cant call each other friends. I find this rule to be the easiest one. If it's not there, if you cant have a good time hanging out and being friends, whats the point in pursuing a relationship?

Always show affection
Try to keep it fresh. there's no way you'll last if you lose affection for each other. Ladies, men like to cuddle, just not after sex. Set aside a different time for cuddling that isn't related to sex, and i guarantee that you'll get your cuddle fix, and he wont mind a bit.

Always accept them for who they are
If your with a man/woman your determined to fix, or change, or polish up a bit, your in the wrong relationship. I love my man, and that includes his nerdy electronic fixation, sometimes appalling manners, his inability to handle hard liquor without turning into a big baby, and his silly fear of clowns. There's no sense in wasting your time, Love all of them, or leave them. It'll be better for both of you in the long run.

Never let friends interfear in your relationship.
I've found that when most relationships are new, the friends of both parties feel left out, and sometimes even jealous. Never let this be a source of fighting between the two of you. it's not "bro's before hoe's", nor do "girlfriends last forever, and men come and go." we are a species designed to breed and have a family. This would never happen if we lived by these philosophies.

Never do anything you wouldnt want them doing.
I've made this mistake, and it doesn't feel very good when they come back at you with the comment like "how would you feel if i (fill in the blank).....?" Actually i went a little crazy inside when i imagined him staying out all night for "work" with a co-worker of the opposite sex. Needless to say, i haven't repeated this offense.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'll spend my golden years in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Have you seen Photos of this place, its a paradise. Not to mention that the culture there suits my soul.

In defense of my vice:

why cannabis is a miracle Plant.

I started a couple years out of High School, It was not something i ever saw myself enjoying. I must say that God's greatest Plant, Momma Ganja is my biggest vice(if you want to call it that.) I was introduced to this vice for the first time when i was around 14 years old, i tried it, and when i inhaled for the first time, I coughed so hard, that i blew chunks in front of all of my friends.. Needless to say, the experience embarrassed me so much that i refused to partake with my friends for the next several years. I found out that i could drink alcohol and avoid getting sick by not drinking too much. I was set on that path for most of my youth.

When i was around 20, i decided to try again with the more natural way of catching a buzz, and i loved it. No more alcohol for me from that day froward. I became a medical marijuana patient in the state of California, under the senate bill 420, and Prop. 215. I was now 24, and suffering from sever gallstones and biliary colic.

I soon began to see the benefits of this "vice" for a lot of my aliments. At this time, i also stopped taking sleeping pills to sleep at night. I thought to myself, this is truly a gift of the gods. soon, i was no longer in need of pain meds to manage my gallstones while i was awaiting my surgery. It was truly amazing.

About a month after i became a Legal patient under state law, i became heavily involved in "the cause." I became the manager of my local marijuana dispensary, and learned the in's and out's of the business. I worked with people from all walks of life, including stage 4 cancer patients, Several people with MS, Terminally ill patients with ailments such as inoperable tumors and such, and even a very famous director, who has a sever case of turrets syndrome, and uses marijuana to control the verbal outbursts, and physical twitches involved with his disease. (he was my favorite, he would smoke a little cannabis, and suddenly the vulgar slurs and distracting grunts and moans that usually would come out of him turned into him whistling a beautiful rendition of Beethoven's symphony #5)

in conclusion, i guess my defense is that my vice provides me with medical relief, peace of mind, a creative outlook on life, and most of all, patience, understanding, and compassion for all living things. I cant say that i've meet many people in bars that have the same results with their use of alcohol. And i can guarantee that it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack trying to find a user of any other substance that carried the same life values as the average daily cannabis user.

How to get what you want.

Generally, I use my natural gifts of persuasion. When i really want something, I tend to sell the idea to everyone around me. I guess i must be pretty convincing. I find that i rarely meet resistance in the case of wanting things my way. Maybe everyone has figured out that I'm truly brilliant, and it's in their best interest to listen to me if I am expressing my opinion. Most People in my life know that i don't speak feverishly about something unless i really know what I'm saying. If i don't know what I'm talking about, and cant effectively convince people to do it my way, i usually reserve my opinions until I'm more informed. Moral of the story.. Keep your mouth shut unless you have some ground to stand on.. You will always get your way if you persuade people to your way of thinking or doing, ONLY, if it appears you always know what your talking about.