Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The craziest thing happened

this lady came up to us as we were getting in the car to leave Mel's diner, and pointed to Zoe and asked who's child she was. I told her, She's mine, and Rusty's and pointed to him sitting in the driver seat.

she introduced herself, and said that she had a very overwhelming vibe coming from Zoe and that she will someday come to help many people, and be a great healer. She continued to explain what a unusual encounter it was for her to see a soul like her's, and was almost giddy, she handed me a card with her name and info, and offered to do a reading for us.

It's very weird.. if you read my blog about my mom's mom, and the research I've been doing about her, and what I've found.. you'll understand...

This woman brought tears to my eye's and chills down my spine!

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