Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The "yeah well... " Types..

Why is it whenever a person is feeling down and expresses it, some
ass-wad has to come up and say "You shouldn't feel bad because MY life is
MUCH worse!" Seriously? that is like a person with AIDS telling a
person with CANCER that they shouldn't feel bad because THEIR disease
is MUCH worse! What kind of heartless pig uses this as an argument?

For instance, one time I had to listen to a multi-million dollar business man tell
me how depressed he was that his company just lost 10 MILLION dollars.
Instead of telling him that he has NO RIGHT to feel depressed losing
his hard earned money, I LISTENED. How can I not identify with someone
frustrated over losing something he worked so hard for? Even if I do
wish I was in his position? What kind of worthless fuckwad would I be
if I started jumping on someone who is obviously depressed just for
having FEELINGS?

So, to those of you who walk through your
pathetic lives telling other people they have no right to have EMOTIONS
because your life is SOOO pathetic and might want to dismount
that horse. it's a wee bit too high for your ass!

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