Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let your controlling influence fight the condemnations…

Delve deep into your somber soul

What keeps you young, will also make you old

Don’t be denied, the devil may care

Tribulation arrives when all is fair

Before evening tide, after the evening feast

Recollection will apprise the beast

From your spring of charm, conjure a friend

Ask if this is the start or is this the end

Send your lucid eyes to the periphery of life

Sustain yourself sturdily, along shall come strife

Never languish before your weakened peers

Loath the master that brings forth those fears

The simplicity of a vulgar display

Feel antipathy when you don’t get your way

For simple minds or petty impressions

Don’t enter into the day of misconceptions

Coming forth into a new age of prodigy

Say farewell to your worthless commodities

Bewildered by the fog and the misty haze

You have no time for one of those days

Form your perseverance into a sanctioned emotion

Hear with intention and steadfast your devotion

Validate your senseless trepidations

Let your controlling influence fight the condemnations…

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