Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Very Sad.

Your someone i once thought i knew
It blew my mind
when you proved
I really have no clue.

I have an expectation
maybe even a demand.
Participation in the life we've built
Not just a stand up man.

I love your family just as mine,
As you should so do the same.

Your astounding in so many ways,
I've kinda let that bit slide.
This has really forced me to open my eyes
If your not on their side, how can you be on mine?

Are you There? I cant seem to Hear you.
Are you here? I cant Feel you.
Please let me see the one i love
My everything in life
Send this alter ego of yours
On a one way flight.

Your such a devoted father,
And always an amazing partner.
I love you dearly,
but have been having a trembling fearful feeling.

Is this not the life you had in mind?
Are you here to stay,
Or will you too be on that one way flight?

I have let you in
Given all of myself to you.
Does our beautiful family
Just not motivate you?

It seems we just don't do it for you
Are we not what you had dreamed we would be.

these doubts,
a faint echo of them in my bewildered mind.
At a Crucial place in life
So important to the structure of our future.
I want you here.. But i want YOU

You used to admire me
When you looked me in the Eyes,
Now you Hardly look my way.
You used to make me feel adored.
Now i just feel like your getting bored.

No sparkle in your eye,
No slightly cocky grin..
No more head held high
No more Manly strut

Are you lost in the hustle?

Where is my muscle?
I've always felt safe,
Have never had to doubt
This is something
YOU would never ever allow..

That doubt is eating me alive..
We need to speak,
We need to love,
We need to remember..
Don't you remember?
When we wanted no world around us
Nobody but us.

I miss my lover,
Our never ending bond.....
I would give anything in the world
To feel like I have a friend.
If I don't have you, who do I turn to.

I'm in this to win it,
Failure has always seemed like an illusion.
These are choppy waters,
Tender, sensitive emotions for me.

If my tears aren't proof, what could I show you.

I've lost you along this road........

My night in shining armor,
My prince charming,
My other half,
The completion of my soul...

I miss you dearly
A simple solution is what i seek
Let's have a never-ending embrace
That will magically erase
This tragic case Of mental dis-embrace.

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